Diving with a club

Why dive with a dive club? Why not arrange your dive weekend yourself?

This is a question I get asked quite often and here are a few of the advantages of diving with the club-

Our dive club can provide you with a dive buddy on a dive weekend should you be diving alone. Very often people come on dive weekends alone and don’t have anyone to dive or share with, there are lots of people like this in our club and big friendships have formed over the years from people meeting on dive trips. It’s a great way to meet new people !!

We often arrange for people to drive together in convoy with us making travel safer and cheaper. It makes no sense to drive down to the coast alone in your car and for other people on the same weekend to do it as well. Once we know who’s all coming on a dive weekend we try as far as possible to get single people and even couples to share a vehicle and drive down together sharing fuel costs.

We know where the good and bad places are. This is very important. Unfortunately in this day and age, there are some very dodgy dive operators out there with shocking safety records. These are the charter companies to avoid at all cost and through the years we have learnt who they are, and avoid diving with them. If you don’t know you may very well end up on one of their boats. Accommodation can be dodgy at some places as well, it looks pretty on the internet but when you arrive it’s not quite what it looks like, again we know to avoid them.

We as a dive club get discounted rates at dive companies and therefore we can afford to pass a portion of that discount onto you. That means that your dive weekend eventually is cheaper than what you would have paid for it had you booked it yourself.

When you dive with our club you can be sure that there will be a competent Instructor or DM from our side on the dive to look after your safety on every dive. We have an impeccable safety record and would like to keep it that way. Our staff also know our clients by name so after the dive you know who should be on the boat reducing the risk of leaving someone behind.

The Instructor and DM that taught you to dive will also be on the trip. That means that we know who the nervous divers are, we know who’s first sea dive it is and we know who to look out for and give a bit of “special attention” to. We know who’s ears may not equalize quickly and who to wait for.

We also have many years experience at most of the destinations we visit. This means that over the years we have found all the little places that are very often hidden from tourists and we know to explore them. We know where the coldest beer in Sodwana is, the best chicken in Ponta and the most awesome view from the top of the dunes. We make sure to take you to these places so you don’t miss out on any of the great places our destinations have to offer.

We also do bookings for several lodges in Ponta, Sodwana and Unkomaas so if you just need a bit of advice or looking for a discount on a booking feel free to contact us !

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