Dive Gear

We supply a wide range of dive gear from different brands at really competitive prices.

When buying dive gear there are 3 main things to consider, price, quality and last but by no means least is after sales service.

Yes there is cheap gear out there, let me state right off the bat like with anything it’s usually not great quality and won’t last you past your first few sea dives. Good quality dive gear is not cheap but it also doesn’t need to break the bank. We have great deals on top brands like Mares and TUSA to name just two.

The most important consideration when buying gear other than fit is after sales service. Your gear needs to be serviced at regular intervals and for that spare parts and service kits need to be available. Without this after sales service your gear will go unchecked and start giving problems that cannot be fixed due to a lack of spares. It is extremely important that you can get the correct bits and pieces for your dive gear and therefor we only supply gear that we know we can service later on. Again the cheaper brands usually have no after sales service at all or they will simply use generic spares to fix your regulator that won’t last.

For fantastic deals on great dive gear give us a shout on info@flipperstofins.co.za or 082 461 0137